Get Fast and Dedicated Connectivity.

Deliver high quality, reliable business internet service and connectivity for fixed bandwidth requirements with GTl's Leased Line technology.

Diverse Cable Network

Connect using dedicated internet access supported by a large-scale of global IP backbone for your public connectivity.

Usage Flexibility

Manage your internet connectivity to allocation more bandwidth for important business applications.

Secured Internet

Keep unwanted traffic out of the network with protected internet services and web content filtering

Burstable Internet

Enable borderless communication.

Rely on scalable bandwidths to support your business requirement and manage high-volume traffic with Burstable GTI-Globe Internet Services (BGIX).

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Address your varying connectivity needs with bandwidth bursting up to a predetermined maximum, with speed ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Reliability in Demanding Situations

Maintain business agility and be able to respond quickly to external and internal connectivity demands.

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E-line | E-LAN

Get support for your evolving needs to empower your business.

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