Break Barriers with a Superior Connection

Move to a first-world connectivity with Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US) cable system, a 14,500-kilometer SEA-US cable system engineered to bypass earthquake-prone areas.

Business Continuity

Utilize our South pacific route to bypass the earthquake prone zone of Taiwan & Japan.

Efficient Routing

Provide additional redundacy to your network with the only Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Mindanao, Philippines.

Data Center Colocation

Lessen the need for local connectivity in the Philippines from CLS to Data Center with the only CLS that has collocated Data Centers within its premises.

Lowest Latency

Get mission-critical activites done faster with low latency from the United States to the Philippines.

The SEA-US system will help satisfy the growing demand for international connectivity, not just in the Philippines and Indonesia, but also in other Southeast Asian countries.

We are flexible and can serve your requirements via the capacities of our affiliates in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The SEA-US Consortium

The SEA-US cable system was built by a consortium of 7 international telecommunication companies that include GTI, Globe Telecom, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telin), Telkom USA, RAM Telecom International (RTI), Teleguam Holdings (GTA) and Hawaiian Telcom (HTEL). It links five countries and territories that include Philippines (Davao), Indonesia (Manado), Guam (Piti), Hawaii, United States (Oahu), and California, United States (Los Angeles).


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