Globe Telecom launches DUO PLUS


In the fourth quarter last year, Globe Telecom formally launched the DUO PLUS call service to better reach its growing subscriber base outside the Philippines. DUO PLUS is essentially the reverse of DUO. By registering to the service, a Globe 0817 virtual number will be assigned to a registered foreign number allowing it to receive calls from Globe or TM numbers at local rates. In the US, the service is available to anyone who has a mobile or fixed line number. Whenever a Globe subscriber calls the assigned 0817 number, the person in the US will receive the call in his / her mobile or landline just like any regular call. The Globe subscriber will be charged at local rates (per minute or free if part of unli subscription). The only limitation is that DUO Plus can only be used to receive voice calls and does not support SMS and outgoing calls.

DUO Plus boasts of several benefits versus other alternative calling services. First, there is no need to memorize or text a code to sign up or call. The 0817 virtual number allows Globe and TM contacts from the Philippines to skip signing up to an IDD promo to call the person in the US. All they have to do is use their Globe or TM mobile and dial the 0817 number – it’s that easy! Lastly, calls do not require data/internet connection so Globe and TM contacts do not need to own a smartphone.

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